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Oct. 17th, 2011


rules of jogging (2)

4. Even 5 minutes in a day is better than none at all.

It's probably been about a year since I last jogged or exercised somewhat regularly. Last year around this time I had started going jogging with Novita on the tracks in the school campus, but that died down once the exams came around the corner. Holidays was a crazy non-stop period of internships and visa applications, and after that off I went to London early this year. And in London, it was way too cold (I am terrible at handling the cold). Plus London was simply a complete whirlwind and I spent the last few weeks of it doing assignments in the wee hours of the morning because there was THAT LITTLE TIME.

Fortunately, in London, walking is the predominant mode of transport, and I was always lugging a lot of things for some reason, so I think I actually got a pretty good stamina after those few months.

Unfortunately, I lost everything in the summer after I left.

To make matters worse, this semester has been quite an insane one and promises to continue to be that way. There are a lot of time-consuming things to do and the thought of taking any precious time for anything else is pretty painful.

Last week, I decided to try just going for a 10 min jog each day. I failed, because I went for 2 consecutive days, didn't for 2 consecutive days, but went again the day after that. And I didn't go today. So the goal is yet to be reached. But really, the thought of spending only 15-20 mins in total is comforting, rather than aiming to go for a half-hour jog and eventually finding that a whole hour has gone. And on the whole I'm more likely to go for a jog than not at all.

I got the idea from an entrepreneurial self-help book (I don't like / am skeptical of self-help books generally but I've been lapping up a lot of sources of inspiration lately) which suggests "making art every day": The author described how he started forcing himself to doodle something everyday (in his case, his "art" is drawing) and he included a quote from a musician who said that someone who practises the violin for 15 minutes every day is better off than someone who practises it for 2 hours once a week. I tried applying the same concept to doodling (failed so far) and playing the guitar (also failed so far). And last week I decided to carry the concept to exercise as well.

All 3 attempts failed so far, but having a goal that seems remotely achievable is enough motivation for me to keep trying.

Of course, in the end, I'm not going to turn into a great artist or musician by just doodling or messing around on my guitar for 15 minutes every day. Likewise, I'm not going to be able to run a marathon by just running for 10 minutes everyday. But I guess the idea is to form a HABIT, make it part of my lifestyle, and hopefully I will end up a fitter and more creative person. :D

Mar. 27th, 2010


rules of jogging

1. between today and tomorrow, today is always better.
2. between now and later, now is always better.
3. but between later and never, later is better.

after my jog today i met a funny little Lassie dog... i didn't see it at first, only a guy washing his car, but as I walked past I heard tiny little footsteps and a bark. so I turned around, and there it was. but when I walked towards it to say hi it backed away, I squatted down and clapped my hands but it ran away back to its owner (the guy washing his car) T_T. and then when I start walking away it starts coming towards me again. This went on for a while, I would walk a little while pretending to look elsewhere and the dog would come, but once I turn my head it would run away again. hahaha after some time it became a bit comical. I hope I'll meet the dog again.

i have two birthday parties to attend tonight and parties always make me nervous, somehow, all those unfamiliar people. :/ just hope that the entire night goes well and it will be a good time (for me, too).
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Sep. 20th, 2009


(no subject)

went for a jog today! grrr after such a long time. but it was kinda half-assed, I wanted to go easy on myself since I haven't gone in such a long time. i brought my Robot 3-lens lomocam along because I've wanted to take pictures along my jogging route, since FOREVER. I took a couple of bad shots, but also a couple that I'm quite excited to see. :D I guess that's the beauty of analog cameras. keeps you excited! :D

it's sad that, in a few years time, this gorgeous site will be turned into an ugly old MRT station. :( I saw someone cruising on a Harley today. (looked almost as cool/fun as a Vespa, but not quiite.) where else will he be able to cruise on his Harley?? :( and what will happen to all these people who test run their (toy) aeroplanes there?? sigh. it's so fun to look at them too. and also (I duno why the field was so happening today) there were all these Indians playing cricket on the field. I never saw so many people on the field before, I guess I should have warned them about the (rumoured) snakes. But since the grass is kept pretty short nowadays, it's not too bad...

I used to like to go off to this little dead-end, where the road just ends into this little bunch of trees, and from there you get this most INCREDIBLE view at sunrise/sunset. and it was where I liked to walk around in circles and make up my own songs (a bit random, but it was kinda fun haha). but the area is already closed off for some construction work. I was really sad, especially since I never got to take any pictures from there..

on a totally unrelated now, I have a desperate urge to play King of Fighters...RIGHT NOW!!! gahhh I need a home arcade.

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May. 24th, 2009


dear friends,

1. Turn your MP3 player to The Scientist by Coldplay.
2. Go for a run.

...I ASSURE you, you will feel like you are in your own music video!!

to add to the fun you may also like to imagine that you are moving in slow motion. and give passers-by meaningful sidelong glances. you are the protagonist here. Extra props if you can do it backwards!

I'm so glad that my mp3 player is working again. The last time I tried to run with it, it died off after a few minutes. =/ today it lasted for, like, 15 songs. or more. yay! =D haha. not bad for an iFod. also, today's run was wonderful..! I ran the usual MGS route, and not for the first time i wished i had my camera with me. it wasn't sunset exactly but the sunlight was orangey and the green leaves and grass were tipped in gold and all that poetic stuff. it was BEAUTIFUL. 

i really should make use of the opportunity and run there more often while i can, because soon the site will be turned into a great ugly MRT station. =( DARN YOU CIRCLE LINE!!

in other news, it's the HOLIDAYS and im excited to get back to drawing and there's a number of songs I really want to learn, and I mean really learn, as in good enough to play in front of someone kind of learn, including Leave Right Now by Will Young (I realised the guitar part is quite pretty) and Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard and Cannonball by Damien Rice.... the list goes on, actually. =))

here's to a great summer (or winter for those down under) for everyone!!
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Jan. 21st, 2009


a lot of angst (?)

I went for a run today... after ages and ages! Partly because I needed a somewhat fresh start to the day so I can do some work, partly because I was a bit troubled. See, I had a misunderstanding. Ages ago the max brenner girls and I decided to go to the nussu pageant this saturday to support our beloved tracce. Ages ago my mum told all of us to keep the 25th to 27th free since my dad was trying to get us all tickets to go back to Jakarta for CNY, which is something I've wanted to do for a long time (be home for CNY). this saturday is the 24th. so I all along I thought everything was a-okay. then a few days ago I had a sudden, instinctive niggling suspicion that everything was too fit-perfect to be true, so I checked with my dad about the date of the flight. And he said it was saturday. (dum dum dummmmmm.) and then I told him about my plans. and he told me to talk to my mum. and i did, and she said 'i told you all saturday!' and i said 'no you said 25th-27th!' and it's really all one big misunderstanding and either one of us could have been at fault, but its probably me who heard wrongly or something. but anyway it doesnt matter.

so at first i thought ok, i guess i'll have to miss going back for CNY this year. and then i had a niggling thought: why is the pageant so important? family should come first during CNY, right. so i started feeling guilty. but then again this pageant may be one of the last times together with the girls, and i'd really hate to miss it. and i can still call home during CNY, and i can go back in June.

the more i try to think about it, the more i cant figure it out, and the more i realise im really bad at prioritising, because for me its never been a question of one thing over another. its always been whether i get to have the cake and eat it, too. i want too much...

also the thing about me is that once i think of one failure it's all one big landslide and i cant stop thinking about everything else, and i started to realise what a failure i am because the truth is, i dont think I've ever worked my hardest at anything. if I had tried harder, i might have passed my Grade 8 piano. if I had tried harder, i might have gotten a scholarship overseas. if I had tried harder, i might have made more friends in JC. if i had tried harder, i might not have made such a fool of myself at law camp, at rag, at ifg basketball. and so the list goes on and on. i realise to my dismay that maybe i dont have circumstances to blame, but only my own half-heartedness at everything that i attempt. maybe i give up too easily.

and i really have to change all that...

on one non-miserable note, i left my house for the run at a few minutes past 9.30 and i got back (after cooling down) at a few minutes past 10, which means that i took less than half an hour for the jog, which means that i might not be as unfit as i thought after all. yay! on the other hand, i did feel pretty exhausted and it was maybe half the distance i used to run so i really need to get off my lazy ass and run more while im still young and my knees arent in danger of popping when i go for a run. this brings me to think about growing old and turning 20 andd.... ok i need to stop because this start of the day feels miserable enough already.

Apr. 17th, 2008


well i abandoned this place for a pretty long time...

went for a jog today. :) for the first time in possibly a month? 2 months? maybe even 3, i cant remember.

today i tried to smile at every other jogger that i passed (or passed me, rather, i was so slow). i was thinking of this quote:

I shall pass through this world but once.
Any good therefore that I can do or any kindness
that I can show to any human being,
let me do it now.
Let me not defer or neglect it,
for I shall not pass this way again.

i dont know who first came up with it, i found it while reading a random blog. =) but the last line especially has stuck with me. now i find it a biiit easier to say 'why the hell not?' and just do something weird/crazy once in a while. so i did the smiling thing. unfortunately it was dark so probably no one saw it, or i never saw them smile back. =/

anyway, the playlist! =D got good songs all the way t'day =)

John Mayer - Waiting on the World to Change
Train - Drops of Jupiter
Justin Timberlake feat. Snoop Dogg - Pose
Mirai - Open Up Your Mind
Jason Mraz - Curbside Prophet
Suneohair - Split
Justin Timberlake - Lovestoned
Michael Jackson - Beat It
Jay Chou - Jie Kou

could have missed a song or two in between. my memory is getting worse! =P


Oct. 31st, 2007


(no subject)

im ashamed. i've been so blind. blind blind blind.
Now I just want to run.


Sep. 30th, 2007


the new black

after looking since last night, I finally found my new template! Ha ha. Ok, I'm just being picky. I think I may end up changing it once a month or something, just because Livejournal has so many to choose from... T_T well anyway this time I wanted a plain black one and be environmentally friendly, because a black screen doesn't produce so much light and uses up less power... I think. Or at least, that's how Blackle works so I'm kind of getting the idea from there.

I just wish I could change the font sizes though. Gah! OK I will not be so fussy, I will not be so fussy... *chants* I guess since I'm too lazy to modify the layout with css etc I should just be happy with it. poo.

The quote below the heading is from Alfred Lord Tennyson. I couldn't put his name in because there's a character limit. Sorry, Lord Tennyson. I had a nice quote from The Time Traveler's Wife, actually, which I just finished reading, but it was too long. poo again. well I like this one too though, so I guess it's ok. =)

I've found more chords and songs to play on guitar, so that's good. Wonderwall, You And I Both, You Give Me Something, Don't Look Back In Anger... and a few more. I'm hesitating to find/learn the chords to the songs that I REALLY want to learn, because I'm scared it will be too difficult and I will resort to a 'cheap' version and that will spoil it all. I'm thinking of 'saving' them for later... Well anyway I'm being exposed to new chords, so that's a good thing... I'm not sure how much I can/will be able to improve on my own, but I'll have to try my best. although I'm extremely lazy, have little self discipline etc etc... School ends next week, and LNAT & SAT will be taken care of by then, too, so after that I can pay a visit to the Esplanade library and look at the stuff there, finally. =D

On Thursday I did a hill workout cos it was too boring to just run on the treadmill (it was raining so I couldn't go outside..). It killed my legs. Haha. Today I woke up too late so I couldn't go for a jog. Maybe this afternoon, but I have so much work to do. I want school to end but I don't want it to. sigh.

Sep. 25th, 2007


dry well again, but it's ok..

i've been going jogging... not regularly, exactly, just whenever I'm not too tired and as long as it isn't raining. Exams just ended, but my brain feels like it's been melted, because I feel so lethargic and I keep misspelling words and making typos. (and being a Typer Shark pro, I do NOT usually make typos! =( )

don't feel like talking about the jogs since nothing interesting really happened... except that the past two jogs have been particularly inspiring, for some reason! I get these bursts of inspiration halfway through. It's pretty cool. People with writer's block should go jogging. not that I was having writer's block. I don't even write. anyway. yeah. and last saturday when I went to run as I was on my way back I saw a (I think) middle-aged man running and he looks very PRO! the muscular, mr yong type. and the way he ran, although he was sweating and everything -- it looked so effortless! It looked like he was just bouncing on springs. and so I tried to imitate him, and it kind of worked. I felt really strangely light and I felt energised rather than tired. So yesterday while I ran I tried to emulate that again and it worked, at least for the first half, until fatigue really took over. so I guess it all still comes down to Fighting Fatigue.

Well what I really wanted to write about is how I'm feeling like I'm in that state of dryness once again. I can't seem to work on anything -- all I can do is run, literally and figuratively. (and even that, I don't do it that well.) I'm always unhappy with my work, my strumming, etc. I think it's because I keep comparing myself to others, which I know is bad, but I can't stop doing it. I wish I could just focus on myself, in a good way not in a selfish & selfcentred way haha, and not think about how good I am compared to others, because obviously my ability is DISMAL, why do I compare when it only makes me feel worse ha ha. 

the other thing is that I tend to imitate a lot... people that I look up to, that is. The slightest admiration makes me want to imitate them. I think I also need to find my own voice, my own ...signature? wth you call it, yeah I need to work on that. 

and about music, and guitar... it's been getting me down since forever that I'm not gifted with good ears but I guess I need to get over that. I've noticed, once I've become used to playing the basic chords, I'm kind of familiar with them and now I can sort of tell the kind of sound that each one makes. I still can't tell a C from a G, an Em from an Am, but I roughly know what kind of sound they have, what kind of 'mood' (..?) they have. what kind of feeling they convey. and that kind of makes it easier to figure out chords for basic songs and tunes and such. so I thought, if I could just familiarise myself with more chords and sounds, then maybe I can do without musical ears, you know. I can just learn to identify sounds from how they sound, although I still may not know WHAT sound it is, haha. I don't really know how to say it but I guess what I'm trying to say is, as corny as it is, what I can't do with my ears, I can learn to do it with the heart.

so I need to slowly learn more chords, more complex forms, modified chords, 'cheat' chords, how each note adds or takes away a certain sound. how every combination is different. ...all I need now is patience. and perseverance. a lot, a lot, a lot of those.
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Sep. 4th, 2007


just a short one

went for a jog today, since I came home quite early after consultations from 2-5pm. I had originally planned to go to the school library to get the organic chemistry book, but unfortunately I went up to see that the library was closing already... ah, well. I guess I have to pay a visit to the National Library tomorrow.

so I went for a run in the end, although I was a bit apprehensive at first since the sky looked cloudy. the weather was strangely cold, I felt like I was in puncak (the mountains in Indon) ... it was nice at first, but after a while it was really just freezing cold. Normally after a run I would go to the gym to cool down and work out a bit (haha that sounded cooler than it actually is), but today the thought of going into the air-con gym alone made me shiver, literally. I really hope it was really the weather, and not because I'm falling sick. been feeling a bit under the weather lately, sore throat and blocked nose that comes and goes, etc.

anyway, no playlist this time since I forgot to charge my mp3 player and anyway, I guess it's good to change the conditions to run in every once in a while.. variety makes it feel less tiring, somehow. I have been faithfully keeping up with my running every saturday! =) I ran the past 2 Saturdays too, just forgot to post about it. Am quite proud of myself, and I hope I can keep it up.

Btw, a few days ago I saw the ad for Run For Hope, and I got interested... I thought of taking part but the run is next Sunday! which is right-smack in the middle of my prelims. and anyway, after thinking about it I decided that given my current state of fitness I wouldn't last even the 4km one. So...next time, hopefully.

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